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Thursday, September 1, 2016

SWISS BUYS - Farmmania


Every season, Migros and COOP come up with a new way to coerce you into picking their store for the season. This is usually targeted at the strong buying power of one's kids and so the promotions are usually child-themed. And whilst this Autumn, Migros has launched Farmmania (where for every 20chf you spend you get a collectable toy farm animal) I find myself thinking of all the ways I can spend money at Migros to get more of them.

The best part is the little Swiss Barn that you can buy for 9.80chf. You have to assemble it yourself (it is not that hard and takes about half an hour) but I had to help Zara who lost patience half way through. The highlight being the little stickers you add to the structure which really transform it to look exactly like a Swiss Chalet with barn - the one window even has a cat peeking out of it. Can you spot it?

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