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Friday, December 2, 2016

Our New Website

Pop on over to our new website for the next chapter in our Swiss Adventues...

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

SWISS FOOD - Avocadoes

the avo assessment

This has always been a pet hate of mine - trying to find avocados in Switezrland that don't follow this below little timetable. Luckily, I posted this on my Facebook page and my friend Andrea came to the rescue and said that I should try the one's from Aldi.

And so I put it to the test and here is the proof!

Avo from Coop

Avo from Aldi (and cheaper too!)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SWISS HISTORY - The Swiss Army Blanket

swiss army blanket

I have always loved the Swiss army blankets but I didn't realise that they are limited in supply. They were produced from the end of the 19th century up to the early sixties and stored in caves in the Swiss Alps, which served as military depots. All blankets are handmade of pure sheep’s wool and come in various shades of gray-brown. Every blanket has a red band on either side. The bands vary in colour, the older ones are more orange tinted and the bands on the blankets of the 50s are bright red. 

All bands are adorned with a Swiss Cross. The crosses are made in a very time-consuming way. First, one would make tiny braids of white wool and lay these, like small braids, on the blanket. Next, these braids were worked into the blanket with a technique called ‘felting’. Some crosses are very white and dense, others are thinner, more uneven or smaller and on some, one can still clearly see the braids. In the same way the cross is made, the blankets are signed with the initials of the maker and the year of origin. Some are dated 1907, over 100 years old! 

On top of all these specifications, some blankets have a stainless steel seal with a unique serial number. Indestructible treasures made with traditional techniques. These Swiss Army Blankets are typical of genuine Swiss quality, in combination with great charm and timeless beauty. 

The Desalpes Company


Spotting your fellow countrymen easily whilst on holiday! 

SWISS HOUSE - Art Shopping

the calm gallery

I am on the look out for art at the moment for our house, and yesterday this stunning letterpressed print I bought from The Calm Gallery arrived. And it may not be useful, but I do believe beautiful!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

SWISS HOUSE - The Seasonal Table

the winter table

So I changed out my dresser to start reflecting the new season. The theme for November is a winter forest. Spotted this idea of a seasonal table over at @babyccinokids and was fondly reminded that the girls Kindergarten used to do this as well. Going to change out my buffet now every month to showcase the season or events happening! (And yay! Next month it is Christmas). 

SWISS FUN - Ugly Sweater Party Invitation

do your worst
This will be the 4th year we throw our jumper party. It is by far the easiest and most fun event of the year. All you need to do is:

1. Invite everyone to come dressed up in their worst. 
2. Serve Christmassy drinks and snacks and 
3. We have everyone bring along a gift to play Secret Santa Swap! 

#Christmas #uglychristmassweaterparty #christmasiscoming