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Friday, September 2, 2016

SWISS FOOD - The Zuger Kirschtorte Part 1

zuger kirschtorte
Today, I am excited to share the first in a series all about our canton’s signature bake (clearly I have been inspired by the Great British Bake Off last night). The Zuger Kirschtorte (cherry tart) is a layer cake from Zug, Switzerland that consists of layers of nut-meringue, sponge cake and butter cream, and is flavoured with kirschwasser (cherry brandy).

Pastry chef Heinrich Höhn invented the cake 1921 in the city Zug and it won gold medals in pastry exhibitions in Lucerne in 1923 and 1928 and in London in 1930. In peak times Heinrich Höhn and his successor Jacques Treichler manufactured up to 100,000 of these cakes per year!

Heinrich Höhn standing in front of his bakery, together with employees, in 1913

The Conditorei Treichler has continued manufacturing and shipping the cakes up to the present day; and everyday we pass this bakery situated on Bundesplatz. The cake is, however, not protected, so variations of the cake are also manufactured by other pastry shops in the region, and to celebrate 100 years the Zug town created the Zuger Kirsch Torte Mile, where there is a walking tour you can take stopping off at the various bakeries that specialise in this cake whilst learning all about it.

Here are some sneak peeks of the first stop, naturally Treichler which also includes a museum inside that you can visit while you place your order for some tea and the cake.

Join us for the next in the series where we share more details of the famous cake and it's bakeries around town.


Bundesplatz 3, CH–6300 Zug

In addition to the famous cake, Conditorei Treichler offers other delicacies: Zuger Chriesiperlen , Chriesi jams and Chriesi Chocolate, Zug Kirsch Liqueur and Zug Kirsch. Also available is a wide range of pastries and bread as well as pies and cakes , exclusively licensed through Luzerner Konditorei Heini is produced. We particularly enjoy on a Saturday morning their breakfast tower: a three tiered stand of croissants, breads, cheese, meats, jam... and your choice of juice, coffees and even a bowl of proper Swiss Bircher Muesli.

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