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Thursday, September 1, 2016

SWISS DIY - Swiss Souvenirs

simple sweet souvenir

Buying souvenirs and especially nice ones always presents itself a challenge. In Switzerland, my go to is always chocolate, but if you are looking to add something a little bit extra but without blowing the budget here is a cute idea for the day:

Pop into Migros and/or COOP and in their "kitchen" section you will most likely not only find basic tea towels but often they have ones with edelweiss on them. Then instead of just giving bars of chocolate as is, wrap your bars inside the tea towel and tie closed with twine and a fake edleweiss flower too (found these in the florist section of Migros).

For easy tags, I bought large postcards featuring scenic Swiss photographs, and cut these up into luggage tag shapes and punched a hole through each one and threaded through some twine to use these to attach to the tea towel parcel as well.

BONUS: The tea towel wrapping packs so much better in a suitcase than paper which is likely to get crumpled. Plus, if your parcel needs to be opened by customs, it can easily be reassembled without any sign of being opened.

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