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Thursday, August 6, 2015

SWISS PLACES - Pedaling on Lake Zug

pedal faster!

On Sunday afternoon, Liam finally gave in to Bailey's pleas to take a pedal boat out on to the Zugersee. The weather was lovely (and it was not to hot) so we set off to hire a pedalo at the lakeside by the Town Square. It was quiet and so we were out on the water in a matter of minutes. Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to neogotiate and pedal, and the girls actually ended up doing 95% of the pedalling. 

We didn't go for long, just under a half an hour, and if you were to go for longer I would suggest then it to have a bit of leg work out, to catch a sun tan or read a book! (not sure if you can take food on board - but it may be fun to have a mini picnic or sundowers!).

  GOOD TIP - Don't forget to have your driver's license with you - not for the "driving" of the boat but as a deposit so you bring their boat back.

Boat Hiring - Lake Zug
Platzwehr am See, 6300 Zug

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