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Sunday, August 9, 2015

SWISS FOOD - Intermezzo

crepes corner

In the corner of the Clock Town, in central Zug is a little gem of a café called Intermezzo. Not only does it serve good coffee and crepes (more about that just now) but is a great story of the town of Zug. Here the city renovated a previous standard cafe into a modern, upbeat cafe & creperie that is run as a social project where the walls feature art for sale from local artists, the décor on the table by sculptures or craftsman, and events are organised for local performers.


Now for the crepes! These are the real deal! They have both sweet (crepes) and svaoury (galettes) ones and have all teh toppings you could wish for - there is even the option to pick individual toppings. I just had the standard cinnamon and sugar and it was YUMMY!


Try it out, and don't be surprised if you see me there every Sunday - a great mid-morning or afternoon treat!

Grabenstrasse 6
6301 Zug

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