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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SWISS FOOD - Hello World Restaurant Review

hello world

Quite a few people have been mentioning the restaurant Hello World in Baar, and so I thought we would try it out - again. The atmosphere and furnishings are great, and I liked it even more when we went a second time. It feels modern but in a vintage and industrial type of way. 

The menu I find however does not have a huge selection but to be fair that is not unusual in Switzerland, and eventhough I had their burger before I decided to give it a second try as I wasn't a huge fan the first time around. And unfortunately, I wasn't that crazy about it the second time. My dinner companions however enjoyed their orders especially the "poulet in chorbli" (Chicken in a basket) and the Creme Brulee.

Would I go there again? Not for a fancy dinner, but yes, I think for sundowners and snacks...

Hello World Restaurant 
Grabenstrasse 3, 6340 Baar
041 530 37 37

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