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Friday, November 4, 2016

SWISS FOOD - Autumn Dinner

autumn dinner

Last night, as part of the girls First Communion Classes, the priest Father Urs joined us for dinner. It was a great excuse to use my 12 Days of Christmas servingware as it has an autumn feel to it - especially as I was able to use the beautiful flowers still looking lovely from my birthday last week that Emily gave me.

For dinner, we had a few snacks (nuts, tortilla chips and guacomole), roast lamb with roasted potatoes, pumpkins and beans but what I really wanted to chat about was the Orange Chocolate Cake I bought from Spr√ľngli. I love orange dark chocolate but I have never had it as a "cake". It is divine and a new seasonal favourite of mine that I am going to have to eat religiously every November now!

Spr√ľngli Orange Chocolate Cake 

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