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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SWISS BUYS - Globus Christmas

it's really a Swiss Christmas

My favourite time of year is the end of October, not really because it is my Birthday, but because all the shops start to set up their Christmas displays! This year, I visited them all as always...

I have to say I was not overwhelmed by those presented by Migros and Coop. I bought a few bits and pieces from Migros Garden and Do It - but it was more pink and gold star goodies for Zara's Peter Pan Party.

Micasa did a great job with their browns, and golds but burgundy is just never going to be my look. Depot has lovely things (I bought a cute little red truck and little red car which I will add on some mini green Christmas trees to the roofs) but nothing that I thought was absolutely amazing. 

IKEA actually had some lovely neutral and black goodies, so I bought their origami paper decorations for the tree, some little ceramic discs featuring a fox and a bird and then some white paper lights that are shaped like a wrapped present that I thought would look good under the tree. I have decided to decorate our house (eventhough we won't be here) in these neutral colours so it matches the house itself. 

And then I went to Interio and nearly cried because it is awful! I didn't like ANYTHING. I didn't buy ONE THING. And seriously, I always find something! The overall theme sounds great: "Cool Brittania". But I think it is just a bit too cool for me: bright jewel toned colours - totally OTT, an "Under the sea" theme with jellyfish and trout? and the Highlands look was okay, but nothing jumped out at me - in a good way!

And folks, that left me with my last hope... Globus. Would Globus do my proud? In one word: YES! This is by far the best year EVER! 

Every year Globus does a Country for Christmas, and more often than not it is amazing. My favourite being the year they did a Russian Christmas, with their British and American Christmases being tied for second. But this year, the posts have shifted and the Swiss Christmas is by far the new winner!

I don't know why they have never done it before, but it is something special. I bought some beautiful "ski" themed crockery, lots and lots of their Swiss themed Christmas decorations (pricey but will last forever!), pillows and some very cute bells. 

But I am definitely going back for more! I have already started my wish list!

A Swiss Christmas by Globus

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