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Saturday, September 24, 2016

SWISS HOUSE - Our Entrance

zug drawers

At the Hafen Restaurant, I spotted this wooden set of drawers and thought it quite clever to have the letters actually spell out a word rather than just ABC. So when I saw the set for sale at Interio I thought it would make the perfect sideboard for our entrance (our IKEA black drawers of 8 years were finally falling apart).

When the set arrived, I realised it would be hard to create a word as the drawers are all different sizes and have different edges depending if they are on the end or in the middle. Luckily, for me the word ZUG is super short and with a bit of blue paint and some brute force I was able to make it happen.


On a side note, I have enjoyed filling up the drawers accordingly to the letter that each one bears:
B is for Bills
E is for Electronics
M is Movie Glasses
and my personal favourite is 
X is for eXplosion and I have popped in the iodine tablets issued by the Swiss Government in case there is a nuclear one.



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