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Monday, September 26, 2016

SWISS BUYS - Photobooths


Getting Passport Photos done has all been a challenge. Largely because Zara hates the whole thing and it is pretty pricey at 10chf a sheet and that is in a photobooth (the shops chage early quadruple that). One time I think I spent nearly 50chf and finally had a shot of Zara (all red faced from crying). 

Now that she is bigger it has turned out to be a lot easier and yesterday we visited the train station to get some more shots done for an upcoming "secret" trip and I was surprised to see that you can take new fun photos and these ones only cost 2chf each! Great for a bit of a laugh while you wait for the train and make a cute card for family and friends.

Fun Photo Booth Photos
Photobooths found at most train stations (we were at the Zug Bahnhof)
2chf to 10chf

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