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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SWISS PLACES - Mini Golf in Zug

putt putt

Yeseterday afternoon, even though the weather looked like rain, we decided to ventue out and try the local Mini Golf course in Zug. We have never been before and I am so glad we did. It is actually really easy to find - it is just to the right of the giant Post Office Building on 1 Poststrasse and you take a flight of stairs up to the top and the course is right there together with a little cafe.

The afternoon was a rollercoaster ride of emotions what with squeals of delight coming from one child to tears and tantrums from another as the balls went all over the show or straight into the hole. The course I found actually harder in the beginning or maybe we just got better? None the less, a great activity to do with no real planning required.


We had a late lunch there too - the food is typical snack type food but hit the spot. I have already said to Liam we might have to make this a regular family competition.

Mini Golf In Zug
Just behind the Post Office at 1 Postrasse

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