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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SWISS FUN - Swiss Holiday Decorations

alpine animal lawn games

These cute lawn picks will easily transform your party into an Alipne wonderland.

Printable Animal Silhouettes: Deer, Fox, Bear, Squirrel, Cow and Goat
Colour Printer
160gsm or thicker White Paper
Dowel Sticks 1 metre in length
Sticky Tape 

1 – Print and cut out the animal silhouettes. 
2 – Stick the animals to the dowel sticks with tape. 
3 – Push the sticks into the ground around the party area for décor. 

Line up the animals in two neat rows to make a pathway welcoming guests as they arrive. 

Hide the animals in and around the campsite area, and encourage the guests to do a bit of animal spotting! Mark on the back of the animals a secret code word and after a set time everyone is to return and tally up their sightings. You may want to assign different point values based on the difficulty of their hiding places.

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