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Friday, May 9, 2008


Finally, all of the Gallaghers are in one household, and that one being in a little place called Rotkreuz, Zug, Switzerland. We arrived over a week ago and have been settling in nicely. Fortunately, for us all my mom came in tow and has been a godsend. From helping out with all the cleaning, washing and ironing now as we speak - she definitely will be having a well deserved "Muttersdag" on Sunday. And I nearly forgot that she not only came with me once but twice to Ikea - which I can say even for myself I found completely exhausting - for the first visit we left home at 11am and were only back at 8pm, and the second was slightly better with us leaving at 9am and returning at 5pm. It is in these moments that I think Liam is thrilled that he is at work!

Needless to say at least we now have some furniture, and will wait the next three weeks till everything else arrives, but progress has been made in leaps and bounds. I will be sure to send photos of our little apartment and the views of the neighbouring farm - yip! from our main bedroom window you can see fields and much to Zara's delight four little sheep eat the grass in front of our block! 

Otherwise, besides doing house stuff, we also have had Matt Olver staying over for a few nights in between his travels in  and around Switzerland. So all in all it doesn't feel like we have left SA, just in a slightly different environment and better weather. Sorry, but I have to rub in our beautiful sunny weather - as this will be the only time that I will probably ever have the chance to brag!

I hope all of you are well,
Chat soon

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