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Friday, May 9, 2008

"BA BA BA" - Diary of a Swiss Miss

Zara has landed on Swiss soil - albeit with a bit of a bump. Yip! The plane trip was OK, but Swiss Air failed to tell the dotting parents that the cot that can be attached to the plane just in front of the seats is limited to 10 month year olds! (Tip 1 for future parents) So little Z spent the night trying to sleep on our laps needless to say there was not much "zzz"ing that night. But all in all it was not that bad, and as Liam said Zara is a bit of a gold mine when it comes to flying because you get to jump all these queues! He is seriously considering taking her on business trips!

And Z has taken to the whole Swiss Transport system like a duck to water. Besides her words of mama and dada, she shouts out "BA" continuously and does a little round and round hand motion (much like the wax on and wax off of Karate Kid). It took her not so bright parents to figure out that this is in reference to us continually pointing in books about how the wheels of the bike go round and round. We were not sure where the BA came from but then realised it was her attempt at BIKE. The only hiccup being that she actually means wheels and so everything from bikes to trains, buses, cars etc are BAs! It gets a bit crazy when we hit Zurich Main Train Station as all one can hear is BA BA BA BA!

Will send photos when I figure out connecting the one to other...
Tell then,
BA Bye for now

1 comment:

Alex said...

We are already missing our gorgeous god-daughter - always new she was gifted! And you both of course.

So pleased the Gallaghers are blogging - look forward to reading all about your Swiss life.

Love Alex x