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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

SWISS PLACES - Trampolino

jump, jump!

On Sunday, the girls went to their friend Keira's birthday party at Trampolino; and it is definitely worth mentioning not only as a great party venue but the perfect activity for a rainy day. As both of these applied to Sunday, the place was packed but it is huge and has ALOT of playing areas for all different ages; so it didn't seem crazy overcrowded!

Each party at the venue is given a table set with a colourful plastic cloth, plastic cups and plates and the great thing is you can bring all your own extra decorations, cake, food or they have a basic restaurant there that does kiddies favourites like chicken nuggets with chips and pizza! There is even a good cappucino for grown ups!

The activities are endless: trampolines, jungle gyms, mini carousels, a huge slide in the shape of a circus tent and even bumper cars!

I would definitely recommend this venue for an easy party especially if you want the kids to be 100% entertained throughout and literally just have to provide some food, drinks and cake and go home to a clean house!