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Thursday, October 27, 2016

SWISS HOUSE - A Gallery Wall

zara's gallery

Finally yesterday, our new bedroom furniture arrived, and it is lovely! And that means I can start planning our gallery wall. I still need to get a few pieces and I am actually using Zara's bedroom's gallery wall as inspiration. I did her wall without really planning it, but I think it is a great example of how to do a gallery wall well.

1. Have a overall theme: in this case it is two themes, but I think the bunnies and Paris somehow tie in well together.
2. Have a colour scheme: there is quite a bit of black, but followed up with neutrals and "vintage" colours: browns, creams, peaches, greys etc.
3. Mix up the "textures". Some of the items are framed pictures, some are wooden 3D objects and some even made from wire and wool.
4. Different "pictures":  there are photos of places, photos of Zara, illustrations and even an original oil painting!

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