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Thursday, September 15, 2016

SWISS WORDS - German Word of the Week

blau tisch* 

For my Oktoberfest photoshoot table, I laid out some hessian table runners and then hunted as far as possible for anything that was blue. Unfortunately, I didn't have the exact blue, so instead I combined all different blues, that way the overall look was okay, and not one blue item would look out of place. 

For the napkins, I used an idea I found on a German webiste: giant pretzels for napkin rings. 

For the place cards, I recreated the look of the Karanval Lebekuchen Hertz (Carnival Gingerbread Hearts) you often see at German Autumn Fairs. Using my chalkboard pen I dotted around the edge of heart chalkboard tags and wrote the name inside. These I then tied around the neck of bottles of beer. 

More details tomorrow on the centrepieces and that awesome hat idea I spotted on Debbie's website. 

*Blau Tisch = Blue Table

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