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Tuesday, September 27, 2016



On Sunday, the girls and I visited a Chilbi (we went to the one in Rotkreuz but every town has their own one usually one weekend a year around autumn). This is a Swiss Carnival and it is the perfect activity for a sunny autumn afternoon. Here are some of our top highlights!

1. Try your hand at traditional carnival games like Tin Can Alley and Balloon Darts.
2. The girls are too big now - but ride the carousel.
3. Shop for quirky and goofy trinkets like charchter crocheted hats and neon dream catchers.
4. A new find - customised cotton bracelets. They definitely did not have the girls names pre-made but it really did only take 5 miniutes each (like the sign advertised).

5. Eat "junk food" - bratwurst, hotdogy, racelette - so many choice, so little time.
6. Continue the binge with GROSSE spookasem (that's candyfloss in Afrikaans) and/or soft serve.
7. Dare to ride the bumper cars - we actually skipped these this year as it was fierce!
8. Last but not least buy the compulsory helium mylar balloon!

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