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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SWISS HOUSE - Picture Framing

frame it

One of the tricks that I have learnt in decorating my own home and in Switzerland is to do with picture framing. Framing a picture here in Switzerland is expensive to say the least, and so for most of our framing needs I have done it myself. This can be a challenge in that before you even decide what frame you need, you actually need to make sure that your art will fit into a standardised frame. 

Tiny little French cards from Darling Clementine in Zara's Bedroom, 
I had pale peach mats cut out to size to fit into standardised IKEA frames.

Nowadays the majority of items do, but what happens if you can't find a frame that fits? Here is a two fold trick that I have learnt. If the items are very small, pick a frame alot bigger than the picture (I measure the width of the picture to be at least the width of the border) and have custom mats made. (This too can be expensive, so I have actually had them cut in South Africa and bought them back with me, as they are light weight and easier to transport than a glass frame). 

Or if the picture is too big, I have actually cut up the picture. I have down this twice, and it has worked great with a large sea landscape I had bought from IKEA and now a large landscape of the Johannesburg Skyline Liam was given as a gift from SA. I cut both of these up into three pieces, but I am sure would work equally as well if there were two or four, depending on the picture itself and the size. These were then framed in identical frames, portrait and with no border inside. (As soon as it is on the wall I will share a photo).

SWISS BUYS - Picture Frames
And here is a list of some of the places that I find great frames:

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