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Friday, August 26, 2016

SWISS PLACES - Tennis anyone?

tennis anyone?

Just a quick post today, as I was up eraly this mornig ready to have my first lesson in tennis ever. If you are keen to play I can totally recommend the Tennis Club in Steinhausen. It was super easy to find, has free parking and it has a great atmosphere to it. 

Hopefully, I will be playing every week, so will be sure to share more tennis related details, but for a bit of Friday fun - here was my facebook commentary on my first day. 

One of my #40thingstodobefore40 is to learn a new sport. And if today is anything to go by I am going to need all the time until then as my first lesson started with coach Ron asking if I'd played tennis before. Luckily I didn't lie, as my racquet's grip still had the plastic on! #beginner #tennis

Steinhausen Tennis Club

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