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Sunday, August 7, 2016

SWISS PLACES - Appenzeller Volkskunde Museum


For our first visit to Canton Appenzeller Innerrhoden, we visited their museum which celebrates their canton lifetsyle in a beautiful exhibit. We unfortunately only arrived after 4, so were unable to spend as much time as we would have liked - especially as there are many interactive exhibits that are possible earlier in the day - including making your own cheese!

Some of our highlights included...

 Can you spot the giat cheese slice? It is actually a jungle gym!

Liam posing with a true Appenzeller.

How gorgeous are these cheese boxes?

A replica of an exact little Cheese Chalet that would be found in the AR mountains.

Zara eyeing out (or shoud l I say touching!) the craftmanship.

Now I had my eye on a giant cow bell. So need to get one!

Bailey loved the mini playground. Here was a cool puzzle, and there were lots of different wooden marble runs and even play-play cheese!

The gift shop has some lovely items: We had to get the cheese (of course), their traditional cookie and how stunning are the Alpfahrt paper napkins and placemats I found!

We didn't have time to go into the dairy, but will have to do it sometime soon, but the girls did have a few minutes to enjoy ice cream and the playground - cow-themed naturally!

Appenzeller Volkskunde Musuem
Stein AR

And now we have earned our Appenzeller Innerrhoden badge!

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