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Tuesday, August 9, 2016



Last year, we were able to witness the Alpfahrt, and having visited the Appenzeller Volkskunde Museum, I was able to do a little bit more research about the Alpfahrt. Translating the little pamphlet they had, inspecting the paintings and analysing the little models - I think I now know exactly how to build my own little model of a true Alpfahrt.

(Placemats from the Museum shop)

Models on display in the Musuem

The Alpfahrt follows a reasonably solid arrangement: first is the Goatboy, the Goat Girl and the goats, then comes three cows with bells and the First Son in Sunday dress, then followed by the second Son in Sunday dress. Next up are all the cows and they follow in lines together with the farmer who is usually their owner and finally at the back is the horse drawn cart and a Caretaker with the dairy and cheese dishes. And I noticed there is then always the farm's dog!

Pamphlet from the Museum

(Die Alpfahrt folgt einer einigermassen festen Anordnung: Voran schreiten der Ziegerbube, das Ziegenmädchen und die Ziegen, dann kommen drei Schellenkühe mit einem Vorsenn in Sonntagstracht, dann folgt der zweite Senn in Sonntagstracht. Nun folgen die Kühe und am Schluss des Zuges der Bauer, der meist der Besitzer der Alp ist, und der Fuhrmann des Lediwagens mit dem Milch-und Käsegeschirr.)

From this is I was able to develop my shopping list and start my Alpfahrt Collection.

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