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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

SWISS FUN - Back to School Breakfast

good luck!

Yesterday was the first day back at school for Zara and Bailey and to wish them lots of luck, I set a special breakfast table. In German culture, mushrooms are regraded as good luck - they are especially used in decoration for New Years. I had purchased these mushroom party goodies from Krima und Isa a while back, so it was the ideal fit for yesterday.

The collection included paper napkins, window stickers (that I used to customise my S&P Red crockery), paper bags and place cards. 

My favourite ideas included:
1. I found mushroom themed postacrds, and wrote each of teh girls a special good luck message.

2. The Maileg breakfast set I bought years ago was the best buy, as the little cup makes up teh stem of a mushroom, and the top of the mushroom when turned over is an egg cup, and Bialey loves boiled eggs!

3. The mushroom placecards were placed three in a cup with some bubble gum, and the girls had to write 3 goals they have for the new school year.

In the rush of getting ready for school I didn't plan a special menu, luckily I was the only one who seemed to notice, everyone else was happy with cereal, toast and tea. Next year, I will be sure to up my game - but so glad I set the table nonetheless - the girls loved it!

Krima und Isa from Tischbarteater
Maileg from Scan Wohnen

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