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Sunday, July 17, 2016

SWISS PLACES - The Zug Clock Tower


We have lived in Zug for nearly 8 years, and finally today for the first time I ventured into the town's landmark: The Zytturm aka The Zug Clocktower. I don't want to share too many details as I think it is a must see for any visitor and/or resident as the view from the tower on a beautiful day is priceless.

The visit is easily done during the week and is takes no more than a half an hour. The tower is located in the true centre of the city and the key is collected from the little shop Wunderbox under the tower itself. Therefore (and I stand to be corrected) you need to visit the tower during traditional shop opening times. You just ask the lady behind the counter for the key and she holds your passport/drivers license to ensure you come back! Bonus: there is no charge.

And then off you go up the steep stairs and through the narrow little wooden door. I'll leave it there as the info pamphlet has some interesting facts and stories to share, so here are just a few snaps I took as we went up, and up and up the tower steps...

The Zytturm - The Zug Clock Tower 

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