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Friday, July 8, 2016

SWISS HOUSE - Our Coffee Table

our leaf tables

A few years ago, I bought this set of two leaf shaped coffee tables from IKEA and they are still such a good buy. I am on the look out for a new table for our TV room and will then move these back to the lounge, but I am figuring that a nesting set is definitely the way to go for both rooms.

I was reading an instagram post the other day on how to style a coffee table and so here is a look at mine and it's must haves.

1. Coffee table books and magazines (my favourite magazine at the moment is the German publication Living at Home.)
2. Plant pot or vase of flowers (I sometimes have fresh flowers, but this black vase from IKEA and a fake succulent is my fall back look).
3. Bowl for bits and bobs - in our case this wooden bowl from Depot holds all our remote controls. I actually wish it was bigger, as I first spotted these bowls in my friend's house and she had a large one on her dining room table and it looked so good with naartjies inside.

So what is on your coffee table? Is yours big or small? Or multiple? Is it minimalistic or full like mine? Do you have anything else extra on yours?

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