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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

SWISS HOUSE - The Girls Study and Playroom

katzen zimmer

The room at the front of our house next to the girls room had always been in "limbo". From a spare room to a playroom to a study and now the cats room - it has yet to be properly defined and yet so well used. Slowly but surely, I am trying to pull the style together so it has a function and finished look about it. It still needs some tweaks here and there but this is what we have so far.

Clearly I had a blank when I wrote this sign, and meant "Zimmer" and not "Kamer" when it comes to room. (I often whip out Afrikaans words when I am not sure of the German one - and I remember doing this when I was trying to learn Zulu and French - is it a thing?).

The white IKEA bed we had here has been replaced by our IKEA grey sleeper couch and it is a much better option as it now has a lounge feel about it. The grey ottoman does double duty as a place to sit (or lie if you are a cat) and with the addition of a tray it can be a coffee table. However, I think we need to add another chair/stool/bean bag to make the place look more like a lounge than just a couch backed up against a wall.

The far wall is our gallery wall, and here I have tried to frame all the things that mean something to the girls - the real rule only being that if framed, it will be in white. I particularly am proud of the DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY sign. It actually comes from depot in white or black - and I think it really makes the wall now that I sprayed it in neon orange.

Pictured above is the study desk area: The white desk and chairs are from and totally defines the space. I was going to go for fancy shelving above, but then got impatient and went for IKEA ones, and now regret it as even with just adding a few books to the shelves you can already see that they are bowing. But it will have to fo for now. 

Other things I love about this zone are:
The copper pendant lights from
The white metal file folders from (spotted by my friend Christina and they are awesome!)
The pinboards are from - an easy and economical solution to have some space for notices, papers, photos.
The art print of the Toy Museum is actually from a girls trip when we went to Prague. Jen and I had such a fun laugh in this museum so I am really glad to see it framed and up to enjoy. I also like how it divides the space between Zara and Bailey's desk and the printer becomes "invisible" with such a busy print behind.

1. Figure out where I am going to work. Right now I am Bailey's desk but that is not a long term solution. So either I need to move out or find a solution for my stuff.
2. Beef up the lounge area: another chair? Footstool? Bean Bag?
3. Maybe a small coffee table or side table for the lounge area? I definitely need a tray.
4. Style out the ouef shelf, so I actually show you a picture of it. It is such a great piece of furniture but is just not right quite yet.
5. Tidy out the drawers, so I can also show you a pic of these birch ones I picked up from IKEA as part of a limited collection and I still think are pretty cool.
6. Get Zara a proper desk lamp. Actually I have one - so read: put up Zara's desk lamp.
7. Get another waste paper basket for the other side of eh desk. Or do you think one is enough?
8. Cat litter/cat food/cat stuff = is this the right place for all of this?
9. Add some plants - not sure I want to spread these to far and wide in the house. I aleady killed the two in our bathroom.
10. Spend some time on Pinterest to see if I am missing a trick in terms of study/playroom must haves.

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