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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

SWISS BUYS - The Swiss Kitchen

swiss kitchen

The Swiss National Day is coming up and the local stores have their best offerings ever. I picked up such cute gifts for relatives that we will be visiting in South Africa next month and here are a few of the Kicthen themed ones I found and in and around the 10chf mark too!

The teatowels come in a pack of three for under 10chf (Migros)
The cupcake liners come in three different styles, I mixed the packs up so tha bakers ahve 12 of each. (Migros).
I spotted these cut out wooden spoons at Migros (under 4chf for 1) but then picked up a spoon and a lifter (both for under 3chf at Aldi).

This is actually an egg timer that you place inside the water with teh reale ggs and it will sing "Swiss" when your eggs are ready to be enjoyed. (From Migros at 19.80chf)

This little cow shaped bread board was from Migros too and just perfect for after dinner cheese and crackers (9.80 chf). The Swiss kinfe is from Aldi and I think it was under 3chf.

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