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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

SWISS HOUSE - Our Stairwell

stairway to heaven

We have a double staircase in our house, and the second level is really just a white box (no windows, no openings). Therefore, I was so happy to spot a great interior design idea in the shop that would solve this problem. Instead of hanging pictures in the middle of a wall - they started from the corner of the room and then proceeded to hang a whole gallery of art from radiating from the one corner right to left and from the same corner left to right. The great thing about this is that even with just a few pieces the gallery already looks good - and fast forward a year or so - it has made it easy to add a piece or two every few months. 

The main theme of my gallery wall is black and white - and I guess without knowing, it has a travel theme too - and I've tried to pick pieces that are personal: so sketches of our family and/or places we've been.

The final touch? Last month, I added this lightfitting from IKEA.

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