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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SWISS FOOD - The Butcher Restaurant Review

best burgers in town

I've mentioned it here before how I've been searching in Zug for years for the Best Burger in Town, and finally I can say I found it. The Butcher just opened up in Metalli and intitally I was going to boycott the place as I am still not entirely happy about their tag line (healthy as f**k) but I LOVE hamburgers (as in it would be my request for my last meal ever) and so I tagged the whole family along hoping that they wouldn't notice the signage and the menu.

Fortunately for me, the restaurant's d├ęcor is easily distracting and they have done a great job on the design. The ovehead lighting, the classic wooden bar, the metal butcher trays and paper - all very well thought out (even the toilets gave a nod to the theme).


Now for the real review: how were the burgers? In short, AMAZING (and if I did swear I would add you-know-what in too). They are good, real good. The menu options are great: from no carb burgers to veggie ones they have got you covered, plus, their sides include different salads, corn on the cob and real proper cut chips. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back, and I have to as I want to try their pulled pork. (Liam already went a week later with his work colleagues and has found his new favourite beer too.) Therefore, I am happy to announce I have officially found The Best Burger in Town!

The Butcher

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