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Sunday, September 20, 2015



Ticked a classic off my ‪#‎becomingswiss‬ bucket list: went to the Alpabzug in Flims - the annual cattle drive. The cows spend the summer months high up in the mountains on alpine farms. When the end of summer is near - all of the cows are brought back down into the valley by foot...

We arrived in Flims at the main bus station and then realised that we had to take a bus up the mountain to Bargis. It was a bit of a hair-raising bus trip but we arrived just on time. As exactly at 3pm the cows came to the Bargis meeting point and we got to photograph them in all their glory.

Luckily for us Bargis has a guesthouse right there, so we finally were able to have lunch. And it was a great typical Swiss Menu (Alpine Macaroni, Grilled Cheese Slice or Mince & Pasta) - perfect for the chilly weather. And I was glad I only had half the macaroni as there was plum tart for dessert!


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