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Monday, August 17, 2015

SWISS FOOD - Plaza on Poststrasse


In Downtown Zug, you most likely have seen the Plaza Restaurant diagonally opposite the Post Office at 1 Poststrasse. I think as a family we had eaten breakfast there and I don't know if it was bad timing on our part or we weren't that hungry but I just remember having croissants. But last week, I needed to go to the Post Office and we were all starving that I was not sure we could make it down the road to where all the other restaurants were - so we grabbed an available table and sat down - and I am so glad we did!


The lunch menu is just what we were after - it has about 15 different salads, 15 different pastas and a Swiss Gourmet Hamburger. Naturally, I went for the latter (it came with curly fries!) and the girls tried out their lasagne. Both were great and I would totally go back again for lunch. Plus, I kind of promised this would be a regular thing as the girls want to work their way through their Ben & Jerry's Ice cream Menu.


Plaza Cafe and Bistro and Bar
Bahnhofstrasse 2
6300 Zug

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