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Monday, July 27, 2015

SWISS HOUSE - Coffee Bar

a coffee bar

Lately, I have been making little but lovely changes to our home here in Switzerland. Inspired by friend Louise who recently moved to Switzerland, I created a coffee bar just like hers. In her open plan kitchen she bough a beautiful vintage fold down desk/dresser and uses this to hold all her cups, saucers, tea, coffee and Nespresso machine creating a little coffee station.

Luckily, for me my rustic drawers are also perfectly suited to such a bar as it is alongside the kitchen but also the living/dining room area. All I had to do was plug in our Nespresso machine, add all the makings of a cup of tea or coffee and I was so happy to find "lost" in our garage this art print canvas of The Girl With the Pear Earring over pixelated I had bought years ago but forgotten about!

Funky face cups and saucers from Donna and Leonette as a hostess gift.
The Nespresso mugs Liam bought that surprisingly co-ordinate so well.
My lovely gift to myself for Easter - a Royal Copenhagen sugar bowl (here it is holding cookies)
And a beautiful white and blue plant from Willemien.

My Greengate Coffee, Tea and Sugar tins that I have had for ages - and now fit in so well.

Ha! Even the Nespresso capsules match!
 And peeking at the bottom my Anthropologie purchase of Ruan Hoffman Ceramics - a spoon (and in this case tea bag) holder.

Do you have space for a coffee station? I love it so much and it is such a welcoming site every time I have a cuppa - which is quite often!

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